takathemba - Zukunft für Kinder in Südafrika e. V.

Long  before this Association was founded, Debbie Jenne our Chairlady collected and supported needy children in South Africa.  The South African knows first-hand of the urgent needs of the poor  in South Africa.

Her parents lived and worked in a home for children in Soweto (a massive ghetto city close to Johannesburg).  Here as well as on her travels throughout the country she was constantly faced with the problems of the poor.  She was especially touched by the Aids orphans she came across in the Province of Mapumalanga. She decided to support this group in “Nhlengelo”.  She showed the reports and photos to her friends and students who were more than willing to support her financially.

Debbie Jenne soon realized that with a little “piggy bank” she couldn’t achieve much. The idea was born to register an Association to be able to help the children more effectively.

A lot has changed since then.  Currently we are supporting AIDS and Social orphans in the Drakensberg, close to the border of Lesotho. (see the first page, bottom left “Get information and/or donate”)