Our Association

On 19.10.2008, 14 people met together to found the association:  takaththemba – Future for Children in South Africa.  We finally came up with the name which is a combination of two words:  “takalani” – happiness and “ithemba” – hope.

The goal of our foundation is to create awareness of the dire needs of people in South Africa as well as to support needy children.  Since founding this association we have collected money which has been fully utilized (100%) for the projects we have taken on.  This means that we can assure donors that the money goes directly to the projects.

Besides this, all members work as volunteers.  The projects are also checked out by ourselves while travelling privately at our own costs or by responsible and trustworthy partners.

We were registered on 13.11.08  as a  non-profit association according to the Civil Law Code of Germany